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Simple Rules

1. A man should be employed and should work hard to earn money to be able to provide for the needs of the whole family.

He gave a big emphasis on having a stable job so that the man may be able to fulfil the needs of his family and maybe some wants as well.

2. Learn to appreciate even the smallest things and efforts and give credit every time.

He said that paying attention to the small things and efforts that your partner does would really make her happy.

3. Always praise her beauty. At the start of the day, greet her a good morning with a matching comment about how beautiful she is even after waking up from the bed.

He jokingly said that doing this will really make your partner happy and she would even go an extra mile to keep herself beautiful for you.

4. Always find time for your partner. You can’t be busy for the whole 24 hours of your whole day. Just an hour or maybe a few minutes of a good catching-up conversation is enough.

He said that constantly checking on your partner will keep you updated about her and vice versa.

5. Whenever she would have tantrums for no apparent reason, don’t throw a tantrum as well. Just give your partner some breathing space and let him or her calm down.

He explained that sooner or later, your partner will realize her nonsensical behaviour and would eventually stop. He further said that these tantrums are sometimes just a form of affection.

6. Allow your partner to just be herself. Never dictate her life and just let her be comfortable with the way she is.

He elaborately explained that you loved your partner that way so you do not have the right to try and change her. There may be limits to which you should call her attention especially if things are already getting out of hand. Nonetheless, just let her be and just be with her ready to defend her anytime.

7. Keep your relationship interesting and always explore new things and activities.

He joked that if things get boring, try out a different position. He further told that trying out new things and activities will save yourself from falling into a boring state. Just don’t be afraid to explore.

8. Do not expect too much. Learn to be content with what she can offer.

He mentioned the popular saying “Expectation kills”. He advised that you should be satisfied with the best that your partner can offer. He even gave emphasis to not squeezing more out of your partner.

9. Acquaint your partner with your circle of friends and bring her to some of your activities with them.

According to him, you should introduce your partner to your friends and tag her along in activities and trips making sure that she won’t feel out of place. He even challenged his readers that if you cannot do this, you might not be proud to have her as your partner or you might not even love her at all.

10. Never ever cheat and always behave appropriately towards other girls.

His last advice was given so much emphasis and explanation. According to him, he has already been in this situation. He advised men to really avoid any form of temptation or even any intimate interaction with other women that your girlfriend doesn’t know about. He even mentioned that your partner’s life was quiet and peaceful until you came, so better not ruin her life. He concluded this commandment by saying that a woman’s love is immense and you should just return that same amount of love.